HSE International provides environmental, social, health & safety consulting and sustainability services, helping our clients manage their business risks and promote sustainable development. 

We support industries and clients across a diverse spectrum of projects, developing strategies, policies; plans and programs that meet good international industry practices. We provide clear advice, direction and assistance with implementation in a way that is culturally and locally savvy.

Our services are provided by working either as an extension of an organization professional staff or as an independent team of consultants, providing the flexibility necessary to meet clients' needs. 

With our global network of professionals with in-depth industry experience, our clients can rapidly and effortlessly tap into the vast pool of knowledge and expertise that is located outside of the formal boundaries of their organization. We assemble teams on a project specific basis to suit the requirements of the assignment, and this process allows for an adaptable approach in choosing the right experts for the project:

  • Experienced professionals are assigned to manage and contribute on projects, and to provide individually focused attention and advice.  
  • Local experts are brought in as partners to promote local content and contribute with insightful innate experience, and our fusion integrates local knowledge with international expertise and assurance.   

A workflow strategy unique to the client's project is created and our quality assurance process ensures that the client and project requirements are met. 

Learn more about the services we offer and our extensive international experience spanning 35 countries.