Established in 2006, HSE International provides environmental, social, health & safety consulting and sustainability services around the world.


→ Oil & Gas

We have an in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry, and significant international experience working through the project life cycle, enabling us to help clients address the key issues faced across the oil and gas value chain.

HSE International supports the oil and gas industry across a diverse spectrum of operations, developing strategies, policies, plans and programs that meet international industry best practices. We have delivered innovative sustainability solutions to the challenges of new country entry and new project locations, exploration, appraisal, development, production, transportation, refining, retail and decommissioning of hydrocarbons.

Representative Projects

→ Renewables

Our experience includes assisting wind energy developers and manufactures in addressing the regulatory, environmental, social, and health and safety issues associated with commercial-scale wind projects in countries of Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

HSE International’s consultants have experience defining the strategy for a leading provider of high technological wind power solutions, ensuring that objectives are established and risks and impacts managed through proper identification and implementation of preventative and corrective measures.

Our consultants have contributed to and assisted in the establishment of certifiable, efficient management systems in order to assure set quality, safety and environment standards.

We have supported the development of solar energy for rural communities, and hydro projects in the Americas that harness the energy in flowing water to generate electricity.

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→ Knowledge Brokerage

HSE International provides fast, flexible access to deep industry knowledge across borders, sectors and time zones. We share our expertise and insight with our clients. We help them identify the environmental, social, health & safety, and sustainability key issues, and the operational landscape and best management practices. We help our clients learn and make better business decisions, and drive business forward across sectors and borders.

We have advised the top global strategy consultancies, private equity firms, global investment banks, institutional investors and corporate decision makers across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

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→ Financing and Transactions

HSE International understands the key issues for companies, investors and lenders in business transactions and project finance agreements. We provide valuable, timely advice on the sustainability risks, liabilities and opportunities associated with mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions and dispositions, and project and equity financing.

HSE International consultants have assisted companies with benchmarking, gap analysis, and post-merger integration support, including organizational development of the environmental, social, health & safety and sustainability functions, management systems, and HSE culture. We have conducted appraisals for mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions and divestitures.

We have expertise providing due diligence services for project and equity finance, and an in-depth understanding across the sector, in particular the requirements of the IFC Performance Standards, the Equator Principles, the IDB Safeguards, the WB/IFC EHS guidelines, as those are applied throughout the project life cycle.

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→ Diverse Industries

We understand the issues faced by the industries that manufacture thousands of products people use very day.

HSE International has conducted environmental and social due diligence as part of the acquisition of industrial plants, product storage, and marine shipping port facilities.

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→ Infrastructure

HSE International supports the sector that provides the physical systems for the production of goods and services, and also the distribution of finished products to markets, as well as basic social services. We understand that infrastructure tends to be high-cost investments, and we strive in ensuring the success of our client's projects by leveraging the international expertise and insightful local knowledge of our team of experts.

HSE International has developed Environmental, Social and Health & Safety Management Systems for an industrial park that offers full-service industrial space for manufacturing activities. We have reviewed, supervised and monitored projects’ compliance against covenanted environmental, social, health and safety requirements defined in contract requirements and loan agreements.

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→ Mining

We work in the mining and metals sector to help clients improve the sustainable development performance of their projects.

HSE International consultants have reviewed, supervised and monitored projects’ compliance against environmental, social, health and safety requirements defined in contract requirements and loan agreements.

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