→ Strategic Planning

Helping our clients understand the context of a new country or project location. Delivering regulatory roadmaps and advise. Fostering stakeholder understanding.

HSE International assists clients providing the necessary contextual understanding of the threats and opportunities in a new country or project location. At each stage of the decision-making process, we help organizations map the contractual, legal and regulatory requirements, identify true stakeholders and the key political and social dynamics, find appropriate partners, and help mitigate sustainability risks.

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→ Management Systems

Developing, upgrading, implementing management systems for continuous improvement of HSES performance.

HSE International assists organizations develop management system frameworks. Our consultants deliver policies, processes and procedures used by the organization to ensure that it can manage its business achieving the desired objective of environmental, social, health and safety performance. Working with company staff, we help organizations implement world-class management practices at the corporate, regional and business unit levels for continuous improvement of their performance.

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→ Impact Assessment

Evaluating and transitioning local compliant Impact Assessments to meet international standards and financing requirements.

We work with companies, institutions, and investors designing ESIAs in line with the standards of lending institutions (i.e. WB Safeguards, IFC Performance Standards, Equator Principles, and IADB safeguards), industry practices (IPIECA, IOGP, ARPEL), international best practices (i.e. IAIA), and corporate standards.

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→ Knowledge Sharing and Advice

Sharing our expertise for better business decisions.

We share our expertise and insight with our clients, across borders, sectors and time zones, helping them identify the environmental, social, health & safety key issues, and the operational landscape and management practices.

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→ Due Diligence and Appraisals

Assessing Risks and Opportunities as an integral part of investments.

HSE International provides technical advice helping clients gain competitive advantage by understanding, reducing and managing risks and impacts, and by identifying potential liabilities and opportunities to enhance business value.

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→ Social Responsibility

Strengthening the tie between business and social value creation.

HSE International assists organizations develop actionable “locality strategies”, ensuring that local communities benefit from social development opportunities, building stakeholder confidence, while also managing socio-economic risks and impacts.

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→ Project Monitoring

Tracking the performance of projects during construction and operations.

HSE International consultants have extensive experience assessing compliance with specified environmental, social, health and safety (ESHS) requirements that are part of projects’ legal agreements, shareholders and stakeholders commitments, and covenant requirements under the terms of loan agreements. We help clients detect possible problems quickly, and evaluate implementable solutions to keep the project under compliance and on track.

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→ Capacity Building and Training

Removing barriers, reducing gaps, increasing awareness, and promoting best practices for sustainable development worldwide.

HSE International helps clients assess capacity needs, develop a capacity building strategy, and assists with implementation and follow up. We provide a menu of options that can be used to develop an effective capacity-building program.

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→ Contingency Planning

Devising response plans for unexpected events.

While prevention is the main objective for risk management, the ability to take immediate and responsible action in the case of an unexpected event is the goal of HSE International’s Contingency Planning and Response Services. HSE International provides subject matter expertise, promotes simulation technology, and facilitates Emergency Response and Crisis Management training.

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We strive in ensuring the success of our client’s projects by leveraging the international expertise and insightful local knowledge of our team of experts. Our consultants develop solutions to complex problems providing clients with clear advice, direction and assistance with implementation.