Research, Expertise, Knowledge and Insight

We provide primary research; relevant industry knowledge and insight for a wide range of companies, helping investment and business professionals make better-informed decisions.

We have conducted several on-demand, one-on-one, in-person meetings, events, written reports, and in-depth consulting, for financial and investment institutions, the Fortune 1000, and entrepreneurs in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, providing essential and timely expertise that can lead to understanding the industries, markets and issues integral to shaping their business's success.

Recent projects and assignments include:

  • The oil and gas sector assessment and perspectives for investment (confidential country), including political and economic context, industry sector, investment plans, legal framework, organizational environments, national company and key government institutions, prime investment opportunities (ranked), upside potential, challenges and constrains, and strategic entry options
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policies and process for a major Oil & Gas corporation, the functional organization roles and responsibilities in a holding company structure, corporate vs. business units.
  • Safety consulting service offers to the oil & gas, and metals & mining sectors, market, competitive landscape, and industry outlook
  • Environmental service offers to industries, leading companies, and market growth drivers
  • HSE International’s Principal assigned as member of HSE advisory sub-committee for a portfolio company involved in outdoor advertising in Africa. The company in question is looking to bring their HSE standards up to a world-class level, and the health, safety and environmental sub-committee acts as an advisory body to the Board of Directors.
  • Industry trends in the oilfield Health/Safety/Environmental services space
  • Operational risk, training and contract management best practices for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management within heavy industrial sectors (e.g. oil and gas, heavy manufacturing, airlines)
  • The use of software as it relates to managing Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), employees training/maintenance/use of PPE, in the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Chemical/Pharmaceutical industries.
  • The Development of Technical Skills & Capabilities in Exploration & Production, how to assess the level of technical competences of the technical staff, and how companies address this topic and share best practices
  • Rapid assessment of environmental, social, political and stakeholders in the extractive sector (confidential country)
  • Safety equipment for offshore use, key selection criteria, strength and weaknesses of products, worldwide regional-based regulatory developments
  • Industrial safety companies providing outsourced safety solutions (staff, equipment, etc), servicing industrial clients operating in dangerous environments
  • Portable gas detection technologies, market and forward trends in the oil & gas industry
  • Environmental, health & safety management software products, overview, market, competitive landscape, trends and growth drivers
  • Future trends for sustainability, potential growth drivers, and stakeholder’s perception
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Triple Bottom Line Reporting, guidance and expert analysis, tools, standards, market opportunities in the US and globally, challenges, growth and trends in the field
  • The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) function in the upstream oil and gas industry, organization structure best practices (corporate, regional and business units), hierarchies between the different levels, roles and responsibilities, and career paths in HSE
  • Best practices in the definition of an Oil Spill Response Plan
  • Best practices for local community management at corporate / regional / business unit levels
  • Industrial security and safety services for large oil & gas or industrial companies, including market, key costs, and typical industry benchmarks for performance
  • Operational risk management, addressing organization structure and governance, standard development, capabilities and competencies building in key roles, embedding risk management into operating management systems and performance management, risk culture (norms, behaviors), front-line engagement and successful implementation of risk initiatives. Best practices in contractor management
  • Emergency training on offshore oil rigs, including basic offshore operations, information regarding training programs for offshore workers (annual budget for training, extent of training), and the potential impact of deep Water operation spill on emergency training in the industry
  • HSE and risk management, how these functions are implemented across different industries, and trends for the oil and gas industry.
  • Providers of oilfield safety services, overview of competitive landscape, and refinery safety best practices.
  • Corporate social responsibility study, specifically the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts in the supply chain. Benchmarking examples of ESG efforts in supply chain management, including how companies structure their ESG programs for success, ensure alignment and management support particularly outside of their ESG division, and how ESG success is measure
  • Major oil spills and environmental clean-up. Topics included the time required for clean up, environmental impacts of shore, trajectory and likelyhood of reaching certain locations, issues related to hurricane season, dispersion technology, impact on sea bed, birds, fish and other species, tests to ensure clean up effectiveness, the costs of a spill in terms of the cleanup, companies providers of oil spill cleanup services and areas of expertise, and applicable liability environment
  • Oil and gas waste treatment and disposal market for unconventional oil and gas, the industry, key players, and the overall competitive landscape within which they operate
  • Industrial health, safety management and environmental services in the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, the landscape of this sector and the key players in the region
  • Medical and health support services for oil and gas sector, support for the marine seismic services companies, deep sea sector vs. shallow & continental waters, macro trends, regulations for the industry, and oil price fluctuation effect on seismic service companies