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Operationalizing Sustainable Development

Integrating good international industry practices to protect the environment and provide a safe workplace, with capacity building to help create healthier, stronger, and more prosperous communities. 

HSE International LLC at SPE Symposium on Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability, 30 – 31 March, Mexico City, Mexico.

HSE International LLC’s Managing Director Fernando Rodriguez, a member of the Conference Committee, will moderate along with Mary Beth Snodgrass (Local Contenect LLC), the following Panel: Operationalizing Sustainable Development.

Speakers at this panel will include: Juan Carlos Belausteguigoitia with the Mexico Institute of Technology, Nayelli Garcia with Schlumberger, Mark Thorpe with Torex Gold, and Karla Torrez with Shell.

Often times O&G industry discussions on sustainable development topics are focused on strategy, policy, guidelines and other key high-level statements, while often the biggest challenge for operators and service companies is implementing good international industry practices (GIIP) to achieve sustainable development. This panel will focus on operationalizing solutions to social, economic, environmental and security risks and impacts.

Panelists will share stories of their successes as well as on-going challenges and how they are being addressed. With local and international experience structuring and implementing sustainable development practices, the panelists will discuss operationalizing sustainable development in Mexico at a pivotal time: at the beginning of the country's “Apertura” and during a low oil price environment. 




The SPE Mexico Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability Symposium: Collaboration for Future Growth, will get together operators, regulators, and new entrants to Mexico as they collaborate on how to identify and establish the best practices and protocols each has to offer to achieve sustainable, secure, and safe operations in an expanding market.

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HSE International at SPE Latin America Conference on Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability, 7 – 8 July, Bogota, Colombia.

HSE International will participate at the SPE Latin America Conference on Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability, 7 – 8 July, Bogota, Colombia. Fernando Rodriguez is a member of the conference committee and will be co-chairing several sessions during the conference. 

Mexico’s Oil & Gas Apertura: Shallow Waters and Above-Ground Risks

Developing and implementing a framework that addresses Mexico's Oil & Gas sustainability issues early in the project cycle, will help manage the above-ground risks and impacts, and contribute to earning and maintaining the regulatory and social licenses to operate.